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Six Thumbs Up!

Six Thumbs Up!

W.C. Branham customers are known to be loyal to the W.C. Branham brand and often return to make other purchases. Here are testimonials from buyers like you.

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"Dear Branham Staff We are working with your gears of Add-A-Shaft Series. These gears are doing an excellent job, no wear, no failures, no heat. We also would like to emphasize your fast & smooth way to process our orders and the communication around it. Keep on your great job. All the best, Filter Art Ltd, Ami"

Ami Kotler - Filter Art Ltd

"We have received our shipments from you and sold ½ of it already. I have to say that I am totally impressed with the high level of quality of the calipers. They are absolutely beautiful, yes I know I need to get a life, but the look of them will help them to sell themselves. Thanks again for your help with pushing our urgent orders through."

Gerry L. - Smithfield, NSW

"You guys make a very durable cylinder. Our customer has had your cylinders on their machine since 1996 and they run 6 days a week. They are just now needing to put in a repair kit."

John M. - Greer, SC

"The Customer was really impressed that Branham had something readily available to interchange with T-O-M."

Sue H. Buyer - Dayton, OH

"I just wanted to say thanks both for the times that you''ve helped us in the past, and for the help we received last weekend during our ''emergency''. We installed a large machine in a customer''s facility, and it just wouldn''t hold still. Late Friday afternoon, I talked with Dave Bowen, explained the situation, and we determined how to approach a solution. As we designed the hardware over the weekend, I talked on a few occasions with Troy Branham. On Monday morning, we ordered the parts, and although they were promised for Wednesday delivery, the brakes arrived on Tuesday. We assembled the hardware, flew it to Kentucky, installed it and everything is working perfectly. Thanks again."

Ron S. - Roseville, MI

"I stopped in last Friday to pick up my order. And wouldn't you know it...Friday was Sub Sandwich Day...I mean they had a 12 foot Sub Sandwich laid out in the lunch room...Thankfully, Chad Randleman asked me to join them for lunch...My only regret was that they didn't have Coke Classic...just the diet stuff...Did I say these guys make an awesome cable cylinder?"

A. Levitt - Stillwater, MN

"I want to take a second to tell you how much I appreciate your service. You have answered all my emails promptly and provided all information I needed. In fact, I just got off the phone (with another supplier) purchasing six thousand dollars worth of repair parts and the whole transaction felt like they thought they were doing me a favor! Calls and emails not returned, parts diagrams needed but not provided. And here you are giving me Cadillac service for just a few inexpensive parts. It makes me reflect on wanting to make sure I provide my customers with the same type of service as you''ve demonstrated. Thanks for that."

Martin F. - Mansan, WA