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Glide Right T-O-M S-R Metric

Glide Right Metric T-O-M S-R Crossover

Glide Right Metric T-O-M S-R Crossover

Introducing Glide Right™ Right Angle Gearboxes, from W.C. Branham. Glide Rights are 100% mounting and bore interchangeable with the T-O-M Brand S-R metric models.

Do you have T-O-M Brand S-R right angle gearboxes?
Have a need for an alternate supply source? 
Are performance issues causing concern?
Is it time to try something new?

If you answered  "yes" to one or more of these questions, request a no obligation price quotation from us or contact W.C. Branham to discuss your application. Try our Live Help

Or, simply enter the T-O-M 8-digit part number in the Search field to go directly to the W.C. Branham interchange gearbox. Ex. (0230-0400).

Example, GRBM1:1RHA20B20 - Glide Right™ Mounting and Centerline Dimension Interchangeable with T-O-M Brand S-R Gearboxes. 1:1 Ratio, Base Mount, Right Hand Rotation, 'A' Bore 20mm x 'B' Bore 20mm.

3D STEP CAD files available for ALL gearboxes. Please tell us your desired product number(s).



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Products Available

  Product # Name Ratio/Rotation 'A' Bore (in.) 'B' Bore (in.) T-O-M Item No.
NEW! 4304-0900 GRBM1:1RHA20B20 1:1 / Right Hand 20mm 20mm 0220-0410
NEW! 4304-0901 GRBM1:1LHA20B20 1:1 / Left Hand 20mm 20mm 0221-0410
NEW! 4304-0902 GRBM1:1RHA20B25 1:1 / Right Hand 20mm 25mm 0222-0410
NEW! 4304-0903 GRBM1:1LHA20B25 1:1 / Left Hand 20mm 25mm 0223-0410
NEW! 4304-0904 GRBM1:1RHA20B30 1:1 / Right Hand 20mm 30mm 0224-0410
NEW! 4304-0905 GRBM1:1LHA20B30 1:1 / Left Hand 20mm 30mm 0225-0410
NEW! 4304-0906 GRBM1:1RHA25B25 1:1 / Right Hand 25mm 25mm 0226-0410
NEW! 4304-0907 GRBM1:1LHA25B25 1:1 / Left Hand 25mm 25mm 0227-0410
NEW! 4304-0908 GRBM1:1RHA25B30 1:1 / Right Hand 25mm 30mm 0228-0410
NEW! 4304-0909 GRBM1:1LHA25B30 1:1 / Left Hand 25mm 30mm 0229-0410
NEW! 4304-0910 GRBM1:1RHA30B30 1:1 / Right Hand 30mm 30mm 0230-0410
NEW! 4304-0911 GRBM1:1LHA30B30 1:1 / Left Hand 30mm 30mm 0231-0410